Diamond dressing wheels

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Diamond wheel can be mainly divided into two types: Forming Diamond Dressing Wheel, Diamond Dressing Disc

Diamond implantation can be mainly divided into three types: hand planting, random distribution and joint distribution.

We will optimize the dressing tools (particle size, implantation mode, diamond type) according to the grinding and dressing process parameters, grinding wheel parameters and long-term experience in Diamond wheel design, so as to obtain high-quality diamond dressing wheel surface morphology
Diamond Dressing Wheel
Forming diamond dressing wheel dressing ceramic grinding wheel or CBN grinding wheel through single axial feed, and copy the contour of diamond dressing wheel to the part sur- face through the grinding wheel. In the process of mass pro- duction and grinding parts, the diamond dressing wheel brings production efficiency with shorter dressing time and longer parts life.
Forming Diamond Dressing Wheel
The diamond dressing disc adopts the point contact axial feed dressing method. Compared with the traditional single point diamond dressing tool, it greatly improves the dressing accuracy and efficiency.

Through the CNC diamond dressing wheel dress- ing technology, it flexibly realizes the dressing of various tracks of grinding wheel products. According to the requirements of grin- ding wheel product specifications, it is convenient to change the Diamond Dressing Disc processing process and trim high-precision aggregate shape grinding wheels of various shapes.
Diamond Dressing Disc
CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding wheel is characterized by high hardness and high thermal conductivity, so the grinding rate is high. However, because the CBN material is relatively hard, it becomes very difficult to repair it. It needs a professional diamond dressing wheel to repair it.
Diamond Dressing CBN Wheel
It can produce high-precision Diamond Dressing Wheels for any complex tooth profile modification required by worm grinding wheel gear grinding machine, and realize involute gears with micro trimming contour such as top trimming, root trimming and tooth root digging;

The diamond dressing disc with special contour required by the grinding wheel is trimmed by CNC control program. This kind of roller is often applied to the flexible dressing of forming grinding wheel and worm grinding wheel, and the minimum R angle is 0.2mm.
Diamond Dressing Whell for Dressing Gear
The correction of gear tooth profile is formed when grinding worm grinding wheel with diamond dressing tool. When ordering diamond dressing wheel, the user shall repair the gear tooth profile drum shape, tooth profile trimming and tooth root trim- ming on the diamond dressing tool according to the K-shape diagram of gear product. The calculation of tooth profile correction is completed by simulating mach- ining meshing with special mathematical software

According to the geometry of tooth top and tooth root required by the product drawing, halnn tools diamond dressing wheel is fully guaranteed. It can be modified into a straight line, arc radius or edge trimming mode with multiple combined shapes. For gears with large helix angle and large amount of tooth profile modification, the tooth profile pressure angle will change. In order to reduce the user's adjustment time and wheel loss, the tech- nicians of halnn tools also calculate this compensation factor into the design of diamond dressing wheel tool.

Halnn tools technicians will calculate whether the diamond dressing wheel can be shared through special mathematical model simulation according to different gear data of users, so as to reduce users' procurement cost and unnecessary inventory
Diamond Dressing Gear Wheel
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